Regular maintenance of the exterior of your house can add significant value to your home. At The Passionate Painting Co. we are dedicated to bringing out the best in your home.

Services include painting of full/partial house exteriors, roofs, joinery, garages/sheds, fences - across all types of cladding/building materials.


Adding street appeal to your exterior is important, but having a beautiful space
which YOU will be looking at and living in is, perhaps,
even more so.


We want you to love your space and whether it is one wall, a room or two or a whole interior, The Passionate Painting Co. will help achieve just the look you are after.


Having completed countless projects in some of Auckland's oldest suburbs, we have extensive experience bringing villas, colonials and older homes back to life for another generation. 

With their intricate details
and character features,
The Passionate Painting Co. relish the opportunity to restore these beautiful
homes to their former glory, as well as offering regular maintenance services.

Renovation & Specialty

If you're making over your home for your own enjoyment or refreshing an investment property for rental, we're the team for the job. 


We are more than happy to offer advice on colour choice, calling on our extensive experience to recommend combinations/styles that
work well. 

Paint, wallpaper, wood staining/varnishing, total
re-dos, or minor touch-ups, we can do it all!


The Passionate Painting Co. provides a full range of home/business decorating services from small "touch-up" jobs to full home renovations. Whatever your design aesthetic, we always endeavour to provide a high quality finish that you will love for many years to come.  


We are fastidious about preparing your job thoroughly with sanding, as well as any plastering/minor repair work that may be required, to ensure the finished product is of the highest standard and will last- always making sure that we protect your furnishings and surrounding areas!

The Passionate Painting Co. has a reputation for impeccable end results, because we do the job right, from the start to the finish.


Whether small or big, inside or out, easy or difficult, let us get your job done today. 

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